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02 April 2007 in

Since we keep postponing the portfolio update as well as the new site, this News section I added comes handy to post recent updates and work links.

Dexmo is a new project I worked on and which went live last week. I’ve been working with Patrick & Rita, Dave and Goran, who joined us later on in the project. As Dave said, it’s kind of a mixture between Myspace and Digg and it has an interesting concept behind it. I think we’ll see some interesting content over there pretty soon. Learn More about Dexmo

Serbian Refugee Council logo was included in the third edition of LogoLounge book. I’ve uploaded couple of pics on Flickr

I’ve also added a photo set on Flickr of DNA Identity book which contains some of my work.

Logology by Victionary is soon to be published, if it wasn’t already, and I’m waiting for a copy. 38one is on, I have to say, a pretty cool list of contributors.

That’s it for now, thanks for reading!