Signature Design

Igalia’s main objective is to develop solutions based on Free Software. In that context, the signature is a visual representation of their core principles:

  1. Collaboration
  2. Knowledge sharing
  3. Quality
  4. Methodology


Igalia Logo

Monochrome and Negative

Igalia Logo

Igalia services and activities

The core principles are maintained throughout all Igalia activities and initiatives. This is reflected in the additional identities – the main logo mark structural elements adapt and create a visual link between the activity logos and the main Igalia signature.

Igalia services and activities signatures

Identity Applications


One of the project requirements was that the new identity in some way reflects where Igalia was from. The ribbon illustration derived from the logo mark and used extensively throughout the new identity applications, represents the region of Galicia which is also known as the “land of 1000 rivers”.

Igalia Stationery

T-shirts & Trade Show Displays

Igalia T-Shirts Igalia Trade Show Display