The design studio of Denis Radenkovic

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38one is the design studio of Denis Radenkovic

38one (@38one) is a one-person design studio with a wide range of design skills applied mostly in the fields of brand identity, mobile and web user interface and occasionally interior design.

It was founded in early 2004, in Oxfordshire, in the UK. Since 2006, the office has been situated in Madison, Wisconsin.


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10 December 2013
OnRamp Identity Design

OnRamp Identity Design

Identity design for OnRamp, an event in Milwaukee, WI, designed to help young companies make connections that might lead to mentoring, partnerships, or even investments.

12 November 2013 06 November 2013




A couple of 38one logos are included in Symbol, a book by Angus Hyland and Steven Bateman, published by Laurence King


Denis designed the logo with a tremendous amount of thought and effort and throughout the process, he wanted to know as much about Amy as he could so he could try to convey that in the design. Denis sent many revisions and didn't stop until he was satisfied with every detail. The typography, spacing, and specific colors he chose were all based on a thought- out rationale that all tried to capture Amy's spirit and personality.

Jason Gagne – co-founder, CoveyLove