How I Work:

How exactly I can help, project timelines, fees, availability and all that stuff.

As you might know already, no two projects are the same, but below is an attempt to visualise a hypothetical project flow.

Further below is a good portion of the information we’re likely to discuss at first. Reading it will give us a head start.

I also like to think I’m easy to work with, and some would agree.

Gather Information
Gather Information
Understand the Challenge
Understand the Challenge
Explore Options
Explore Options
Identify Solution
Identify Solution
Analyze Results
Analyze Results

What I Can Do

I’m usually involved on a project from an early stage. Although it’s not a rule, I most often start with identity design and then move on to its implementations for print and on screen.

I work on web and mobile user interfaces from prototype stage through to visual design. Not exclusively, but I most often end up working with technology clients. About half of them are startups.

Originally, in the context of web design, I started as a front-end web developer and designer.  Although I have a good HTML, CSS and Java Script skill set, these days I team up with other people for development too.

Project Timeline

An identity design project is typically spread over five to eight weeks. That takes into account the time that is required for me to work on the project and client to provide feedback.

Small web design projects take about the same. It means allowing at least two to three weeks for prototyping and design, and then at least another couple of weeks for the implementation and development. If not part of a project, ideally, you will have a corporate identity designed prior to designing your website or application.


I charge a design fee based on my day rate. It’s either per project or as an ongoing engagement agreement. The ongoing agreements typically last for three to six months and can be renewed. While I don’t offer fixed fee bids, my project estimates are always within 15% accuracy, so you will always know what the cost will be.

If the timing and the project are right, an equity arrangement with a reduced design fee can be of interest too.

I also enjoy working on pro bono projects. In return, I usually ask for a flexible timeline. Within reason, of course.

Free pitches are not of interest.


I will most likely be able to start on your project within two to four weeks after you confirm the project. To confirm the project, I require a deposit payment and a signed project agreement. The deposit payment vary between 30-50% of the estimated total design fee. This will depend on the size of your project.

I always work on more than one project at a time. To arrange a full time engagement, I would need more notice in order to plan ahead, so you may need to wait a little longer before I can start.

While full time engagements on a project basis are OK, at this time, I’m not looking for full time employment.


To receive a quote for your project, if sending an RFP, please include:

  • Contact name & and your organisation details: preferably one person as a reference.
  • What services do you need help with: For example, do you need help with design as well as development of a website, or do you only need design because you have development partners or in-house team lined up already?
  • How much are you looking to spend: knowing this will help me give you a realistic estimate of what I can actually do for your project.
  • Project timeline: this way I can tell you whether I can finish in time for your deadline.

Get in touch:

Tel: +44 (0)7482 777 050 or send me a message.